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"Sometimes things fall apart so that

better things can fall together."

                                                      - Marilyn Monroe

The Services Provided 

45 minute, individual, internet based, live sessions scheduled by mutual agreement. In addition, there will be suggested reading assignments selected on an individualized basis and assigned exercises as prescribed. It is expected that the coachee will make regular use of the resources made available on the website exclusively to the registrant.


“Life Coaching” is at its core an educational service.  It involves the sharing of information, setting of goals, and practice. Information, which is targeted and inspired, results in better decision making. Better decisions mean a better life. It’s really that simple. The challenge is to find the inspired information, aggregate it in such a way that it is targeted and useful, and monitor the process in such a way that it is used in the most effective way. 




What "Life Coaching" is: 

Life Coaching is a partnership in self-discovery. It is a safe relationship where clients can experience their lives without a filter and learn new strategies to adapt, grow, and realize their chosen purpose.

What "Life Coaching" is not: 

Life coaching is not psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a process designed to reduce a definable mental disorder and to aid the patient in achieving an acceptable level of adjustment within society.

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